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I have something I would like to talk with you about; let’s meet for dinner, Gina said to Lindsay. As we enjoy our Sushi and Chardonnay, Gina gets to the point, I thought I’d like to write a book about my business experiences, but now I’m thinking of writing a novel. I had a dream about a girl, recently divorced; she moves back home to her roots and discovers her inner self. Gina reveals more details of her dream and asks. What do you think; is this a good theme for a story? Without missing a beat, we're sharing our personal encounters with the supernatural and ghosts, and we are scribbling possible scenarios on pieces of paper we found in our purses. It didn't take long before Lindsay said, Gina, you are on to something here; look at what we’ve just done, you have a storyline to build on. Let’s write the book together! Gina said. Both of us were busy running our businesses but without hesitation, we agreed then and there, we’re doing this. Our adventure started with many Thursdays’ together, developing characters, scenes, and the story. We revisited our experiences and drew on them for inspiration. Our beloved pups, Gypsy, Koko, Mylo, and Bubby, even got a few cameos. Good food, the occasional glass of wine, and laughter played a part in our sessions. Sometimes we would have 'creativity blocks'; Gina would pinch her nose, and Lindsay, hands on her hips, would pace. We got through them. Once our story was written, we quickly realized that there was much more to publishing a book, like many edits. We must correct grammar and punctuation; it was quite the learning experience. Our Thursday sessions turned into exchanging many emails and telephone calls as we fine-tuned the manuscript. And now, here we are, proud of our book and excited for you to enjoy Becky's journey of self- awareness as she unfolds a mystery.
Gina Collins Ramkissoon
Lindsay V Rose